Wednesday, January 20, 2010


does life meant to be a struggle?

some say yes...

some say no...

so how ar? i also don't know.

i'm been fortunate enough that i don't really suffer, and i usual get what i want in life. it may be simple things. though sometimes i wish i have a Ferrari, or a condo in the heart of the city that costs 2 million. nevertheless, those are just wish list. having said that, so what if you have all those things? ain't life still the same? you may be eating a more expensive food (over-rated), drink nice wine (die faster), drive fast car (higher chance of dying) okok... it may not neccessary happen.

see the point. people will just give a thousand reason that the Ferrari is a lousy car. ultimately, probably are just envious they couldn't touch it.

on the other hand, do you need to drive Ferrari to survive? do you need 3 servants to take care of each of your children? do you need 8 bodyguards following you around? ma fan~

i came across a phrase; contentment is a mind of desireless and inactivity.
it just seems contradicting to our modern society of thriving for success, going for the 'good' things in life. come to think of it, what are the good things in life? coming back to the question; is it bigger house? fancier watch? LV? bird nest for breakfast? for crying out loud, most of the things come from china. and probably made by a labourer who earns peanuts and may not have the skill.

so, who's to judge if those are good things in life? we're just being sold that society needs this to achieve such status.

oh well, if you realize.. i'm probably not so content bout my life right now. see the amount of complains. each and everyone of us are far from achieving contentment in life. yea.. i'm just bringing everyone in to join the bandwagon. haha..


Michael.Horn said...

no wonder u ate grass today.

hseang* said...

nice one.
but theres a wrong word :D

endless-scroll said...

mike* yea.. wat to do

hseang* and what would that mis-type word be?

sotong said...

i know i know... drink fast car.. hahaha

Sharon Kong said...

yea, i think one would definitely die drinking a car. for sure.

endless-scroll said...

ahaha... malu...

i go change now =D