Thursday, January 01, 2009

stepping into 09

2008... passed by just like that.

most of us will be asking, 'have i accomplish what i've set at the beginning of the year? have my resolutions been met? have i gone richer/wiser/taller/rounder/more stable/....?'

well, a year ago.. i didn't set any resolution. so, i can't say i achieved something i have not set fort. otherwise, it will be plain weird. yet.. i've learned so many things that i never imagine i would be in the previous 20 odd years of my life.

still sticking to the quote of 'things happen for a reason, and for whateva reason it may be, it is for the better who goes through it'

the break up was probably d best thing that ever happened. in theory, i needed that. although the process was not pleasant. yet, i can't say i enjoy it nor disgust bout it. anyway, the experience was... different.

apart from that, being in a circle of friends who constantly encourage, irritate, push, smack you... actually helps. encourage when your down, irritate when you middle of something important, push you when the going gets tough, smack you when you got out of line.

going places with other lifeless human beings make life not so lifeless. thou it was just short trips to islands, beaches, and towns. some were quite far. come to think of it, i traveled the most compare with previous years. for the sake of not forgetting, not showing off. i've been to Penang, Ipoh, P.Dickson, Malacca (9 times), J.B., Kuantan, Tioman, Pangkor, Singapore, Batam, Bangkok. some locations were work purpose, and others were for leisure. i don't fly first class, stay in 5-stars hotel. to me, the important things are the food, culture and company that were travelling with you.

i felt different compare with previous year. if you ask me how different, i can't tell you. cuz i dont' know how to tell you, and i don't know what causes it. they say people don't change. this theory is true till a certain extend. to me, i felt different, it seems the same on the surface, but i know something inside me have change. so, do people really change? *shrugged shoulders*

academic wise... i think i did okayy. a lil hardworking compare to year 1 of this course. put in more effort compare with pervious years of no effort. ha ha... nth much to talk bout this area. thou i learned many things. mostly are psych terms, which probably will bored those people who are unrelated in this field. (but if you're still interested, read back some of post thru out 08)

i begin to like my smile more and more. (random giler)

resolution... how can 1 not talk bout resolution. well... i got nothing to say bout this. become a better person than yr 08? make more money? grow wiser? so cliche. anyway, see how it goes. journey and experience are more important than d goal itself. will see.

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