Saturday, January 10, 2009

last name

suppose to post this weeks ago, when i had this conversation with a friend.

you know we all have names. like duh. we've been given one since we were born. some were given when the mom found out the pregnancy test tube indicated positive.

names are important, it represents who we are and where we come from ( in certain culture) not saying that your last name is Smith, means that your a blackSmith. in a way, it is something that is peg on us for the rest of our life.

imagine walking down the street, and you saw your friend up ahead, you shouted 'hey!' and hundreds pairs of eyes turn to you responding... 'you call me?' although in reality, people do turn to look at you when you shout 'hey' along the busy street.

moreover, with a name, especially a last name. you could well trace back your roots. where you from, what great things your ancestor achieve. in the movie, DaVinci code; the actress found that that she is the last survivor of Jesus bloodline. how cool was that.

even if you manage to trace back and found out that your ancestors are the a bunch of killers or buglers. but hey.. you should be proud, as you manage to trace back, unlike many others who can't.

crap.. this is not suppose to turn out this way...

as i was saying, (or initially plan to write). names are essential to every. it could very well identify you as a person, not your characters or personalities, but merely a name calling. hence, think carefully if you have a child next time. make it sound nice, or grand. the very minimum, don't disgrace your own family name.

i got a friend, the surname is Ma. and plans to name his kids.
if is a daugther.... Ma Qiu Fan
if is a son... Ma Guai Fan

how cool is that?!?!

mike plans to name his sons and daughter this way.
Version Wan
Episode Wan
Season Wan


as for me...
Saw Ur *toot*
Saw That? (yes.. with a question mark)

if anyone of you say the 'H' word after my surname in my cbox or comment. you can all go bang the wall.

to those who don't have cool surnames. it's ok. it's not end of the world. maybe next life. just hope that you'll not born in some creepy and weird family.


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