Tuesday, January 30, 2007

emo post? no way

hey peeps...dunno wat to post la... tat's y so long didn't write anythin. frens have been askin y always post emo post wor..



wo yeh bu zhi dao (i also dunno)

cuz tat time was emo gua, so ma post emo blog lor.. (i got very bad mood swings) -_- so watch out ya. hehe.. is tat consider answering ur question? hehe

anyway, i'l try not to post anythin emo k today.. just couple of pics.

promote their celebrity face a lil bit... kesian them la.. lolz.. FYI, i'm not gettin a single cent out of it. *sob sob* how sad huh. lolz..

sleep post no. 1

sleep post no. 2
disclaimer: firstly, i didn't get the consent of approval from both the celebrities above. secondly, i DID NOT take the pictures.
p/s: hopefully the appearance of tis celebrities will boast up my traffic of viewers and the 'popularity of my blog. whahahaha...


adrina said...

i kenal those celebs la! does it mean im famous too?lol

endless-scroll said...

u kenal doesnt mean u r famous la. i know tom cruise, does it mean i'm famous s wel? zzzz

adrina said...

so irrelevant la u. u noe tom cruise but he doesnt u, whereas i noe those 2 celebs in ur blog and they noe me too..zzzzzzzz..