Friday, January 12, 2007

new yr resolutions??

it has been 12 days since it turns 2007... n i haven pretty much settle down n adapt to the new yr. so any resolutions for the new yr u may ask... zzz... i also dont' know.

i dont' know wat to ask, don't know what to wish for.

wish list i hope for...
1) good health n fortune to everyone

2===>> lead a more useful life?? (very general huh? tat's mean i'm a trash b4 tis.. -_-

3====>>> earn more money to support my studies ( hopefully i get the ptptn loan :p )

4===>> cont from 3 wish, n extra to spend on myself n hopefully get to travel a lil. hehe :P

~~~ althou i got alot to wish for n things i wanna do... but for now my mind is blank.. (just woke up) hehe...

oh ya, hopefully can lose some weight... my mom n friends says tat i'm growing fatter.

*finger cross* hopefully all tis comes true by end of the yr.

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