Friday, December 04, 2009


when it comes to study, i think i put the least amount of effort into it. and i was told i should put more effort into it. maybe it's the continuous cycle back in high school. never really give a damn bout education.

the irony, i'm still in school, even when i should be working. thou it's another couple of weeks till i graduated. but it always gives me mixed feelings when i think bout it. in the end, i just put it aside. always.

ask my friends around me, they think that i'm never serious bout it. work, however is way more important.

now... i surprise myself that i'm actually a lil more concern bout studies as compare to work. maybe because i'm jobless, or it's a group project, and i don't want to be held responsible.

straight to the point. i was assigned to do the documentation of video for a paper, and i wasn't sure how to go about.

i emailed the group members, none reply. maybe they have blocked my email from entering their box once presentation it's over.


maybe they just don't care bout the 5 marks.

anyway, problem arise, and i msg one of the most responsible member (my opinion), and he never reply.

i'm trying to run away from responsibility, but i'm facing a problem, and none give a damn. so... as part of the team, who is helplessly helpless. i should flight rite. i'll deal with it only i got caught la.

p/s: i don't usually act this way. don't assume/presume/judge that i'm always like this =p