Sunday, August 30, 2009

think think think ting ting ting ting

u know what happens when you got nothing better to do during the holidays?


things that never occur in your mind, suddenly pops up like mushrooms, light bulbs start lighting everywhere. good or good? it depends... optimistically; you got break throughs, you have enlightened. pessimistically; you are just bored. either way, it doesn't matter.

there's a research done in the States, statistically is shows that more than 90% of the population DON'T THINK. 5% thinks THEY THINK. and only a hand full, REALLY THINK. George Bernard Shaw famous for his playwrights, music and politics involvement once said, "i only think one or twice a year, and i'm world famous". so, really, if you really think you're thinking? hmm... highly unlikely.

i would like to fall into the category of 'a hand full' in that particular research. but sadly, i'm far from it. at most, i THINK i'm in the category of 'thinks THEY THINK', at most. i would term it as; analyze situations and matters on hand. and never thinking.

once again, comes down to the question, do we really think? and what does thinking truly mean? to my understanding... it's the ability to entertain a brand new idea.

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