Thursday, June 04, 2009

ethics is boring... cross cultural is boring... psychology is also boring.

nth seems to interested me anymore. whyyy r?? i pick up a story book instead of cross cultural textbook, i rather watch dvd, than reading the codes. you tube streaming instead of searching for journals. so meaningless rite? i know.

3 years ago, i was like most of the people, eager to give back to the community.... wait. i think i've posted something similar to this.

die... nth seems to interest me ledi... how???

not even the thought of graduating and look for a job. how la??

i think i'm having a depression.


oh oh... i think i find something positive in studying psych. the only thing i could think of is... we are able to know what's wrong with us or the people around us quicker and more accurate compare with humans that did not. sadly... even we found out what's wrong with us, we ALWAYS wouldn't accept the simple fact that there's something wrong with us.

denial mode

just like... we did something wrong, it's always harder to accept your wrong doings than saying 'i'm sorry'. ain't so?


this is getting way to skew off topic.

i had a dream last night...
was attending an interview. we were pick up in a MPV (yup, there were a few other candidates), was drove around the block while the interviewer ask some questions. can't remember what were the questions thou. anyway, the last i remember, i was sitting in a room, facing the boss. (assuming i pass the first round). the employer looks like Dr. Goh (omg! i heard employee's benefit very bad, and the uni damn kiamsiap). anyway, cut the long story short. i got the job, (clap clap) but as i leave the room, he came over and put his arm around... (what are u thinking u bastards) my shoulder, and say 'what do you what to acheive in the next 5 years?' i stone. 'more importantly, what do you want to acheive in your life?' soh gao jor...

coincidently, was having a conversation with my friend, she ask something similar to the question i had in mind... i also dont' know how to answer.

what is this.... it's really frustrating to not knowing what interest or at least have something particular in mind.

seriously, need to introspec ledi (Phun, 09).

k la.. off the bed.

good luck in your remaining papers peeps




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