Monday, December 22, 2008

over and over

the songs have been playing over and over in my laptop and in my head.

i'm still figuring out what its trying to say.

u know, sometimes we can figure out what we are feeling and thinking through a song. reading between the lines. we could some how search the meaning towards a person's feeling. it's like looking at an abstract painting and drawing out the painter's expression of feelings and thoughts.

i'm a feeler. adding thinking into the equation. you basically get a messy outcome. usually, a thinker and feeler does not get along well (according to a personality test).

my point?? i sometimes tend to complicate my own thoughts, always giving them extra 'touch', 'spice'. you could say i shiok sendiri. no!! i'm NOT fantasizing.

passage above was written 2 days ago.

i found my answers. =)

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