Friday, June 15, 2007


i was browsing some of the bloggers' blog, n i came to realise that 60% of his entry is bout clubbing. no... he's not talkin bout wat we should do, or where is hottest place in town that we could hang out. instead, he showed all d pictures taken during his clubbing session. i was just wandering; don't they get bored of all these places, hitting the clubs every week, and at least twice a week. n each time spending bout hundred bucks, wat's more is that if you're bringing a chic, (mind u, i haven't mention a bunch of chics)

where they get all these money oo....

(ehh.. brada, got any lubang or jalan, can shed some light over here not?!?)

just a thought bout it... gtg now, wanna go yum cha, n prolly will be watching some 200 pound fat chic later. hohoho...

have a good day everyone

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