Tuesday, June 26, 2007

blogging reasons

there are zillionzzz of a reason y ppl would blog. and i could only come out with a few.

1) to inform some of their network of friends their whereabouts n what are they doing

2) introduce some of the places to dine, to hang out, to wateva reason laa...

3) to pour out their feelings, when there's no ones ard to turn to.

my 'fav' reason

4) to gain recognition by either being sluty, outspoken, cam-whorer, bare-naked, n let the whole world knows that u have something great.

anymore u guys can think of, just leave ur msg ya...

well, i mean is ok to let the whole world knows bout it. just tat some bloggers... they go to the extremes. i guess the way they present it in their post that make the difference. n 'interesting'. couldn't complain much bout it. but some times if i don't like some thing, i couldn't care much of the world, n i would say it right on their face, + if they pissed me off (in this case, their blogs)
some blogs i read, they talked on n on bout their boobs job they have done, their relationship with their partners, how well they went. i mean, if u really want every1 to know bout it, y don't just have a press conference, and ur face will be every major newspapers in town, and if u are lucky, u might get invited into Oprah's show. -__-

sekali dua, cukup la tu.. unless something unexpected happened; like ur boob job had a leak, or d doctor accidently chopped off ur *uknowat* padahal he suppose to circumcised ur 'lil bro' otherwise i don't see the point of repeatedly mentioning bout it. u get wat i mean.
i guess u don't, cuz probably, u smart-ass would be thinking, 'wat is ur'f**king biz, i like to write wat i like laa...'

just to let u know, i don't really care wat u think, cuz prolly u dun giv a damm as well. so, don't bother reading my other post after this.



joie de vivre said...

some people blog to gain publicity and earn money by advertising. such as xiaxue.blogspot.com

endless-scroll said...

oh ya hor.. i forgot tat part. money money money~~
geez~~ wat was i thinking.
guess i must be jealous, cuz no 1 reads my blog. hahaha...
go on u peeps, blog wateva shit u want.