Wednesday, November 15, 2006

prom nite 2006

it has been quite some time i din post some 'MEANINGFUL' stuff. heck, i nv post meaningful stuff to my fellow readers. -_-''

here goes... well, think i need to do some flashback, it backtrack to 2 weeks ago, when HELP college of foundation course held a prom nite. tis is the 1st time i attended a prom. so, i didn't expect much. wel, i didn't know what to expect beside i know there would be performances, and dances and food and there would be a prom king and queen at the end of the nite and.. nah.. no more 'and' :P

80 bucks

every1 seems bz choosing their clothing 2 weeks b4 the big nite. heading to shopping complex searching for clothes and evening gown to suite them best. i did my share of shopping as well. i bought a shirt and a pair of shoes as i didn't want to wear my dad's. i got a coat from boon leng, and that save me quite abit.

lets cut the story short.

we arrive at Legend hotel slight past 7pm. by that time, many people have arrived. some were bz taking pictures, and some were admiring each other dresses and suites. the deco of the ballroom was all red, suites the theme of the nite. "truth, beauty, freedom, and above all things, LOVE" but there's nothing in common to the performance for the whole nite. come 8pm, the show only begin with the arrival of the VIPs. talk bout puntuality -__-

we look smart rite? gaga

1st there were dance performance by the board members of the student council. rumour has it tat supposingly another grp would be performing for the opening act. but it seems there's a slight confilct between the dance grp and the student council members. how true is it?? i don't know. =)

follow by the usual speech by the president, the vip, mr danesh bla bla bla.. half of the time, i was dosing off... lolz... just jk. then there's band performance, Sam Kon sang(pretty good) and another dance performance (where of the gals skirt almost drop off) *drool* *whack!!* there's a short pants inside u pervert ;P

so of the hot sizzling performance yea babe... shake.. shake

tis 1... erm.. so so la...

lucky guy huh.. he got all the gals tat nite.

comes the food. OMG, i tell u.. to me its kinda suck. where got ppl serve toufu during a course dinner, and its not even in a clay pot. n they have 'yong zhao' fried rice. the fish is not even heated up wit lil fire at the bottom of the plate. and there's also lamb. black pepper lamb. yummy rite, but ur WRONG!! where got ppl fried the lamb and serve it. at least roast the lamb and cut into slices or something. talk bout class. i could have eaten much better quality food at jalan imbi.

dun get me wrong, its always easy to talk and critic than u actually doing it and running the show itself. applause to the team who put an effort in organising the ball. but i seriously thnk they could done much, i much better. especially the food part and the band as well. u pay 80 bucks for that kinda food, u seriously doubt where did the money went. especially they claim they got the ballroom for free. u could easily cater sushi buffet from Sasake. it only cost 50 bucks. and for the remainder of the money, they could hire a band or some performer to put on a show o somethin.

aft d ball, v went to williams to replenish the empty tank v have carried all nite long. :P every1 was staring at us once v got down from the car. so farni. hehe... (v're suppose to go to Thai club aft the ball, but somehow, for some reason and some1 dun want to go) -__-''' anyway, there's always next time. nyek nyek...

fui yee and chen tat

rangga, one of my 1st indon fren. =)

leng-leng and han-han

betsy and janness (she looks very different rite)

adrina and i

ms chris and i =)

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