Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i miss

i miss those days...
miss those days that i could lay on the bed the WHOLE day doing nothing... for 3 consecutive days.

i miss when i'm out travelling with friends.. P.D., Bukit Tinggi, Tioman, Melaka... despite our differences, we would always have a blast.

i miss those laughters we shared... we laugh so loud that everyone is staring at us, and we would laugh even louder.

i miss those silly little things that we have done together. some are embarrassing, some are stupid, some are amusing. yet, every single one of it leaves in a pocket of memories that will be cherish.. always.

i miss those yum cha sessions.
... especially the ones that we went out at 3am in the morning. and ordering some weird stuff that is not in the menu.

i miss those crazy nights when we were loaded with assignments, and spend the nights together in MacDs, or bunking at each other houses just to plunge it into the pigeon hole before marks are being deducted.

i miss those chatting session on MSN from night till wee hours in the morning.

i miss those time when we drove up to Genting... just to have a cup of ice blended mocha.

i also miss those time when we drove to ulu yam... along the way, 3 cars stranded because one of ours have 2 flat tires.

those were the days. would the script make it to hollywood director's desk? hardly. media prima? maybe. but it was those experiences and adventures that makes you chuckle when you are alone and reminiscing... those were the days.

back to reality =)


Sharon said...

missing those times too...

Ai Li said...

Those were the days.

endless-scroll said...

yupz... =)

Michael.Horn said...

speaking of tioman, do you have the pics? i have lost all tioman's pics.

Josh said...

Randomly got your blog through the "next" feature.

Diggin' what your puttin' down man.

I'll definitely be back!

moneytolk said...