Monday, July 11, 2011

to whom may concern

i must admit i'm not the biggest fan when it comes to politics. the thought of indulging into it merely provoke my own principles of not getting involve in such debate and events.

recent event that has happened not only whip up as a wake up call, it sunk in as to how low people can go. leaders of this country that so-call led us to independence, has taken a 180 u-turn on the same people that has fought hand in hand for this country's rights. you must give them some sort of credit that they even manage to outwit the Chinese. till this very day, they still manage to command a strong hold in ruling this country.

my parents always brag about how close knitted they were with other races. a true culture and race of 'rojak', where no skin colour was to be differentiate from the other. everyone respected each other. everyone has their backs on each other. in recent times, mixed community literally does not exist in this society. everyone will be looking after their own silver plate, and would care less on matters that does not harm them directly. everyone seems to have their own agenda. the M would strive for power, the C will be looking for more money, the I will seek protection.

it seems there is this hidden rule; if you do not cross the line to my backyard, i couldn't care less of what shit you're doing. you could kill among yourself, but DO NOT cross the line. the formula has been working pretty well for the last 100? 200 years? the problem starts when one man is not fighting for their people, or for their 'own' people, but are fighting for their own benefit. greed comes into the equation, not only they want power, they want everything. the veto power is being enforce into each living soul standing on so-call 'their soil' under their watchful eyes. treating this like their own disney playland.

if we do not learn from countries like Greece and Egypt. all we have to turn to 1 man, whom was a living legend, whom has everything. yet he wanted more. constantly trying to improve something that wasn't meant to be. trying to seek for something more that he has aplenty. always in a illusion that the world is under his fragile feet. Michael Jackson, ladies and gentlemen.
sometimes i do wonder... maybe it's the doctor who just purposely overdose and killed him. unbearable to see how this man live his life. with debts mounting to huge truck loads, and events that happened throughout his career and life. he shouldn't be given the recognition that he suppose to be getting.

sadly, many of us paid tribute to the wrong things. yes, talent is something to be acknowledge, more importantly a person's character that really completes the whole picture. character is something that takes time to build, and mould. another sad part is in today's society, that very essence part of being a outstanding person is neglected. people are being gauge by loudest voice you make, the most money you make. everything seems so surface and could easily disappear with a snap of fingers.

if you take a step back, the picture is still very much blurry. the people felt that they are being mistreated, misled, and there is no 1 solid structure to prove that the system is in good hands on it's own. like i said, the current system is being created to cater to their own needs and pleasures. i read an article that the constitution law has been change 42 times in less than 60 years, while USA amended theirs 27 times over the last 2 centuries.
what we are implying is not radical changes to make this a better place, is getting worst. how much sand you have to cover your pile of shit? one fine day when you wake up, you realize that you are being buried by your own shit, not only you have to clean your playland, the people living in your playland has to get their hands dirty to clean this mess of yours.

i'm not familiar with politics at all... but as a bystander, you could see that it's getting worst day by day. people are waking up from your hypnotism, the alarm bell is struck harder each time, and people are waking up. they tend to care, they are angry and frustrated, because you are crossing the line.

what was shown in the media and internet was such a disgrace. people do not feel safe living in this playland of yours. people are leaving. it will be too late when you turn over to your shoulder, you see no one but your own that are on the same boat as you; reaping others hard earn money, mocking others diginity, and pushing others to the brink of death. in the end, that pile of shit will eventually tumble onto you.

i do not feel one bit proud to be part of this shameful history. i do not have a story to tell to my kids like how my parents told me bout theirs. i do not feel like uttering the word that has home me for since birth.

maybe for the last time until something is done


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