Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Valentine

Officially this is the first Valentine we celebrated together.

It's just like any normal day that we've been through. Both are dead tired after work, though i very much enjoyed the laughters while in the living room. Nothing spectacular, nothing ordinary, maybe it's because of certain restrictions, however, it's not an excuse to not 'goreng' it a lil.

I must say seeing that smile lids me up. It just gives me great comfort to manage to see you are doing alright.

Thank you for being my Valentine.. then and now.


hseang* said...

sweet! :)

joyjoy said...

it was practically my very first Valentine's.. We didn't have the commercialized Valentine's prepared by the restaurants, it was simple but i really love it.. An unforgettable first time~~

Thank you for loving me dear~

John said...

That was so sweet... keep it up and always make everyday a valentines.

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Anonymous said...

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