Sunday, January 02, 2011

things done in year 2010

you probably heard it all the time 'wow! time passed by so quickly', 'it's the time of the year already?'

i started work 1 year ago, and it still seems like yesterday. the feeling of me working full time have not sunk in yet. yes, YET.

what have i achieved in the past 1 year? honestly, no idea.
what have i done to get me where am i today? i don't know the answer too.

some around me said that i'm extremely lucky. and i should be counting my lucky stars. well, to those who know me better, i didn't exactly sign up for it. and at times, i did not want to be in that situation. after all said and done, where have it taken me? i still have not figure it out. a lil wiser maybe. a lil more experience. in the end, i asked myself, is that it?

am i being too hard on myself? or am i expecting too much of the current situation?

work aside...

year 2010 has been a year of ups and downs. there isn't a real impactful event that i could recall specifically. as i said, things whoosh pass, there isn't a moment i could sit down and take a breather. lets see i could recall some of the things.... in random order

1) i graduated.
2) granted parent's wish of walking up the stage to receive the certificate.
3) read a couple of books (mostly unfinished)
4) went to Kuantan, Ipoh, Cameron, Genting, Sekinjang, Melaka, Penang, Phuket, Phi Phi Island, Singapore
5) attended 2 friends' weddings
6) attended couple of funerals
7) attended lots of dining buffet events
8) got an iphone... twice
9) passed 'probation' period
10) lost 10kgs, gained back 13kgs
11) met an accident
12) had a primary class gathering

gosh.. so little things accomplished. (was striving very hard to think of the thirteenth)

anyway, things i wish i could but didn't manage to achieve.

1) no savings
2) Bali for holidays
3) travel to Perth
4) work in a MNC
5) others are pretty subjective.... and i couldn't think of any other things

i wish i could do something more meaningful things. however, looking back at the list, i think it's been a pretty decent year.

signing off year 2010.


Michael.Horn said...

Kudos with those that u achieved & lets strive on for those u have yet to reach!

Kelsen said...

All the farking best!

joyjoy said...

i like point 9 =D

HellKat said...

This post makes me realize how many things I have accomplished in the past year. It's nice to finally have my life be put in perspective, so for that I thank you.

Kris-10 said...

Came across your blog and wanted to wish you the best-sounds like there is more to come for you in 2011! Come visit my blog sometime

hseang* said...

Haha, always enjoy reading ur blog ;) where is phi phi island by the way?