Sunday, November 21, 2010

er.. title-less it is

i've been blog hopping, reading a lil bit here and there. mostly looking at pictures really. more importantly, i take a look at myself, and people around me. it's not that i've been expose to many. however, just my one cent thoughts i have.

here goes...

it's really easy, i mean really really easy to miss out on things. not just exciting things. i'm talking bout small lil things that may not be significant at first glance, IF you're moving such pace. i always thought that i take things easy. however, someone pointed out to me, i jump into things very quickly. assumptions, always wanting to be first, getting ahead, making sure that the person next to you is 2 steps behind you. could i just blame that i'm being trained that way? coughbadmintoncough.

having said that, really it's those small lil things that actually accounted for making it a successful thing in your barometer of good stuff. hmm... wonder where did that just came from.

bottom line. enjoy the moment. [i'll try la k]

yay~~! i just blogged after quite awhile. woohoo.. super happy. jumps around* *moon walk*

that's a bit too extrem of optimism. hehe

dinner time.

and not forgetting, happy birthday Jian. may you have a bless and wonderful 18th year. =D

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