Monday, May 18, 2009


found this in my comp, don't know when and how it got there.. and since i haven't post up anything recently...

As I pounder up that lovely gaze,

Only to shy away with grace,

It's hard not to notice,

As thou embrance with a welcome note,

Only to be left with a blank look,

Stranded on a desert island,

In search of never island,

Stretching the cornea to its widest horizon,

In hope of home sweet home.

Crystal clear droplets of dew,

Quench thirsting in an instance blow.

Feather floats effortlessly on shimmering notes,

Just like tip toeing on that sandy coast.

Stripes of sea shells dangling down,

Knocking each other out,

Nevertheless, creates a melody that put thee in awe.

Ray of hope shines as thee frowns,

Denying the existence of souls,

Leads to down fall of that very soul.


joyjoy said...

apa ni?
i can only understand the first sentence~~

hseang* said...

y so sad laa