Saturday, May 19, 2007

i'm back again...

it has been soooo loooong since i last posted anything here. been hell of a busy with work and more work.. alot of things happened in the last few weeks. if i were to mention, it will take days to compile everything.

WTH... no point mentioning things that has happen neons ago. lets just start with what i've done in the past few days. 1st of all, my mom's friend ask me to do this survey thing for her, i was suppose to find man-power for her, and she will giv me a portion of commission for it. yea... by just supplying names. but in the end i need to be part of the survey team as well, as some of my team members pull out last min. leaving the whole things stranded in the middle of nowhere. i need to recover everything and put them back into place. that's not just it, a day after submitting the 1st batch of work to her, she rejected 90% of it. 90% ladies and gents!!! we did so many mistakes in the questionnaire that we never tot it, until she pointed out at it. tat's how strict her quality check is.

in d end, v need to re-do 7 questionnaires and make major changes to the questionnaires we did. sucks....

n there is a 1 whole stack of data entry for me to type and re-organize for my cousin bro. for the fee he's paying, is not tat worth it. but it was a good experience thou. wat experience would u say? working to the wee hours in the morning, forfeiting out my precious sleep time. @-@

hmm.. tat's bout it for now, just wanna get back the feel of writing again. heh..

c ya around folks. cheers!!