Saturday, September 30, 2006

normal outing.... well, not exactly.


din expect to be postin tis soon. just tat i haven been bloggin lately. so, there're quite some stuff to write bout. may i suggest to u guys, go n watch jackie chan's latest movie. it is really nice. i had a hell of a gud time in d cinema, laughin non-stop, n almost tears couple of times, (but didn't, got gals beside me, male ego. hoho... ) cuz there's r a few touchy scenes.

but b4 the show, we (janess, boon leng, n adrina) supposingly, there're another 2 frens of ours joinin us, ( raymond n fui yee). correction not joinin, is should be: going to watch the movie wit us together in 1U. but dunno in gods world wat happen, raymond n fui yee end up in mid valley.

below is just an extract of our conversation over d phone:

me: ello.. where r u guys?
fui yee (fy): v r at car park, comin down soon.
me: okok... v oredi bought d tickets.. so, see ya soon.

10 min later

me: eh.. where r u guys la... wat take u so long to come to d cinema
fy: comin comin...
me: hey, just meet us at Mong Kok k... v r heading over there, janness is makin noise, sayin he's hungry.
fy: okok...

5 min later, while walkin to Mong Kok

fy: ello... where r u guys? v r in front of d shop ledi... din see u also.
me: whoa.. so fast? r u sure u went to d rite shop? Mong Kok, u know?
fy: where is Mong kok? i dunno where is it..
me: u ask raymond la, he always come here...
fy: okok...
fy: wei.. where got mong kok here.. v r at kim gary.
me: wat?! 1U where got kim gary. wait.. dun tell me ur in mid valley.
fy: er.. yea... hahaha..
me: omg! how on earth u end up there?
fy: dunno... i tot v goin to mv?
me: har? since when v say go mv o... anyway, u comin over? v bought ur tickets ledi.
fy: erm.. ok lor.. comin over now... c ya guys later.

10 min later

fy: ello? hey, dun think v comin over la...
adrina: wat? but v bought ur tickets
fy: v'll pay for it then.
adrina: ok lor... (gal talk for 5 min) so, see ya on monday then. bye

well... it was kinda disappointment tat they couldn't join us. anyway, after the show jan, adrina n myself went to mv. haha... crazy rite.. all bcuz none of us wanna go back so early. i went to cut my hair. in a way, kinda different from my previous hair cuts. hmm.. will post some pics on d next post.

hav a gud weekend...

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